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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I wish I could be more consistent with my editing, style, and composition. I feel like I really get it sometimes and then completely fail the next minute. I'm happy with a few of these and wish I could've deleted others. Oh well, this isn't a competition, just me practicing and learning for the next time.

1. holiday colors
Yesterday I went to a Gingerbread House Party and had a blast. This was my very first gingerbread house and I already can't wait to make another one!

2. winter/ holiday icon
Part of our Peanuts nativity scene!

3. a tree
Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's post. I absolutely loved shooting at this Christmas tree farm.

4. quiet
We had our first "snowfall" of the year this week. It lasted about three minutes, but it was so peaceful while it was falling.

5. favorite color
There's a new cupcake shop in town and they had a white tree with light pink ornaments. I happen to love light pink, so I found it very pretty.

10 thoughts:

Summer said...

All of your shots are great! My fav is your favorite color. It's so pretty.

soniaa said...

I love your favorite color!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all lovely and you are very consistent. I love your holiday icon shot!

Nicolasa said...

Love these photos! I think you did a great job. I feel the same way as you sometimes but keeping in mind that this isn't a competition always helps!

The tree picture is so cute!

Eboix said...

love your tree shot, great job!

Amber said...

I love your shots!! Where did you get your peanuts nativity? I would love to have one. Very cute gingerbread house. And how fun.....shooting at a Christmas tree farm. That would be a blast

Gunsside said...

A great collection,and i love your last favorite color
- and your tree is adorable :))

Tara said...

These are wonderful, I love your tree and favorite colors shots the most!

Anonymous said...

I love the perspective of the family shot, it is great!

Ashley said...

These are all really great Jess! I especially love the colors in the last one!

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